De avorunten van Luuk. Het Begin Release Date

De avorunten van Luuk. Het Begin Release Date


The story “De avorunten van Luuk” is about boy at the age of 11, who live in Amsterdam. His life is so unpredictable and full of different moments, that he even had some problems with its understanding. To understand the story and the plot of the film you must watch it at all.


The cast of the actors is very big, so we propose you a list, in which every actor has his role in one or another episode. Such information will be necessary not only for fans, but also for people, who are interested in such film and its plot:

  • Max de Jong as Carlos Jonkers (in 8 episode).
  • Rick de Jong as Niels van Dijk (in 8 episode).
  • Febe Kraan as Tessa Visser (in 8 episode).
  • Jilles Kraan as Daan de Vries (in 8 episode).
  • Thijs Schuch as Sven van Dijk (in 8 episode).
  • Joyce Steenkamer as Marleen de Vries (in 8 episode).
  • Milan Laurense as Carlos Jonkers (in 7 episode).
  • Tijin de Blauw as Lucas (in 4 episode).

The writer of the story is Niek Vink.


The main characters are young boy at the age of eleven and his two brothers. They live in Amsterdam. But at the center of the story we can see the only one boy. It is hard for him to understand, what is going on around him, so he often asks his brother to help. New adventures are waiting for him and it makes him really happy.


To be honest, such serial is a good idea for family watch. Here you can see a lot of examples of how to behave and what is wrong. Besides, one episode has not so big lasting, so it`s very easy to enjoy it.

The storyline is rather interesting and unusual, so people, who start to watch it, always say, that it is one of the best serial, which includes drama and adventures.

To know more about it, you can go by the link and see the first episode. The release date of “De avorunten van Luuk” is on 24th of September in 2016. The events took place in the Netherlands.

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