DCI Banks Season 6

DCI Banks Season 6 Release Date


That is a British drama with elements of the crime. It was produced by Left Bank Pictures. The series is based on the novels of Peter Robinsons. And the 6th season premiere is really good because of presenting a big amount of stars. You can see in on ITV channel.


The list of the actors, who play in this season is rather big. So we decided to show the cast with the help of such table:

Stephen Tompkinson plays the role of Alan Banks. He is a Detective Inspector.

Andrea Lowe as Annie Cabbot plays the role of Detective Sergeant.

Jack Deam in the role of Ken Blackstone is also the Sergeant.

Caroline Catz is in the role of Helen Morton.

Lorraine Burroughs as Winsome Jackman. She works Detective Sergeant.

Danny Rahim as Tarig Lang.

Samuel Grady plays the role of Vince Grady.

Tom Shaw appeared as Kevin Templeton.

Nick Sidi appeared a Ron McLaughlin.

Colin Tierney as Gerry Rydell.

Shaun Dingwall as Colin Anderson.

The composer is Sheridan Tongue. The executive producers are Francis Hopkinson and Andy Harries. The producer is Stephen Smallwood.


The thriller will show you the peculiarities of DCI Banks agents. Here in the center of attention appear a group of people, who wanted to help ordinary people. They work a lot with the calls from clients. Also here a great role plays the domestic disturbance. That isn’t easy to do the great things, so here you can see all the complications of such work when people must do their job.


That season of a serial is a crime drama, so do not allow a child to watch it. If you want to understand the plot, you must see the serial from the beginning. The duration of one new episode is 45 minutes.

The DCI Banks 6 season release date is the 17th of September at the year of 2016. The season air date is also the same.

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