Dark Matter Season 3

Released for the second time in the previous month, the series remains in the undefined status. Thus, the project is on the hook. So far, we have nothing to worry about, for the official ratings of the second chapter are not known. They are to determine the fate of the project. Stay tuned with us in order to become acknowledged of any changes in the nick of time.

Basic info

As a new addition to the list of TV products of Prodigy Pictures, Dark Matter serves to us as a series by American-Canadian production.
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The broadcast of the space story is held on Syfy in the USA and on Space in Canada. The premiere of the first season was set in June 2015. The second installment has been running since the previous month.
Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi create this science fiction series. The story has its foundation shaped in an eponymous comic book. What does it follow specifically? Let’s revise this question in detail now.

Following the story

The main characters of the story are astronauts. They find themselves with no ideas of who they after waking up on a spaceship. How have they got there actually? What are their names and aims? These questions they are to clarify.
At first, they begin naming themselves as numbers from one to six following their way to the truth. Nevertheless, cooperation with each other is not an easy thing as they do not know each other to the full and are forced to get used to each other habits and features in the very process of their investigation. All of them are also afraid that someone is set to be a traitor.

Was the series successful while the release of the first season?

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It is not a known thing for us whether the latest July debut has been a successful one. Official rating number are not brought to the public. We can only judge the series now from those data available from the last summer premiere.
Here everything is all right, we should say. Thus, do not worry about its future. The series has secured itself with a long-lasting residence on its channel. Critics, as well as ordinary viewers, are accepting the show with flying flowers. And there is no wondering why. Betrayal, vengeance, and secrets attract and keep the audience. Moreover, the setting is a spaceship in the middle of nowhere and this only contributes to the success.
The scorings on various websites are no on a high level, however. On Rotten Tomatoes, it constitutes 58%. It is the same on Metacritic. Only on IMDb, it is a little bit more – 7.3 out of 10 points. The average amount of viewership constitutes 1 million people.

Renewal predictions

Due to the high acceptance of the drama, the potential of the future renewal is great. As the current second season is running now on the channel, there are no hoping for the appearance of resumption for the third installment, as well as the Dark Matter season 3 release date. Stay tuned with us in order to get notified about it as soon as it is announced.


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