Dark Matter Season 2

Space Adventures, mystical events and puzzles – all of this science fiction fans will find in Canadian TV series Dark Matter, which has been broadcasted on the SyFy channel since the summer of 2015. After the first season of the space story the fans of the show began to ask the authors of the project the, which is really relevant: when will Dark Matter season 2 begin? Release date of this unusual program is already known. The new episode of the next season two will debut on July 1, 2016. The coming renewed series will be interesting not only to the lovers of such a genre, but also those who admire interesting plots and quality acting, thus, the return of the program is quite predictable.

Authors and Developers

The format and idea of the project is based on a famous series of comics with the same name. Later Canadian filmmakers developed it into a program on TV and have already presented 13 episodes of this exciting space story with well-chosen cast.

Dark Matter Season 2 date release

The main creators of the show are:

  • Canadian writer and producer and Joseph Mallozzi;
  • Mallozzi’s co-worker Paul Mullie;
  • Jay Firestone (an executive producer);
  • Vanessa Piazza (co-executive producer).

The channel responsible for the new season air date is SyFy; production companies are Prodigy Pictures Ink and Dark House Entertainment.

Dark Matter Season 2

Characters and Brief Review

The story of Dark Matter starts in a very extraordinary way: 6 members of the expedition find themselves on board the spacecraft. Moreover, none of these people can remember how they got to this place; they can not remember their names and past. Settling in a new place, the characters begin to suspect one another, because each of them may be not who he claims to be.

The main characters of the series are:

  • Rebecca (a Canadian singer an actress Melissa O’Neil);
  • Jace Corso (a Canadian stage and TV actor Marc Bendavid);
  • Ryo Tetsuda (Alex Mallari Jr., an actor of a Philippine origin);
  • Griffin Jones (an actor from Canada with a Jamaican origin Roger Cross);
  • Marcus Boone (an actor Anthony Lemke);
  • Das (Jodelle Ferland, a Canadian actress) and others.

The following season premiere is sure to be full of the same plot twists and mysteries, so the second season start is worth watching.

Dark Matter Season 2

Series Rating and Soon Continuation

Dark Matter’s rating on IMDB is a 7.3/10 score. Certainly, the first season was watched by a great number of viewers (about 1.28 million), which just proves positive feedbacks and reviews from both critics and the audience.

It’s already known when new season release date is planned: the authors are going to present the renewed series on July 1, 2016. Stay tuned to be aware of the schedule of all the episodes and receive important information related to the show.

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