Dark Matter Season 2

With reference to the current state of the new drama on Syfy called “Dark Matter”, we should inform you that the sophomore installment being already confirmed is about to appear this summer. So the exact launch date is also known as July 01, 2016.

Taking a peek into the short history of the project

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The series under the name “Dark Matter” is accepted now as a representative of the sci-fi drama beamed on the American channel now known as Syfy.
Being a brainchild for Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, the series story comes as not a simple half-baked one that is created in haste. It has its foundation in the form of the eponymous graphic novel developed again by Mallozzi and Mullie. It became available throughout the world due to Dark Horse Comics.
The production issues have been resolved by the employees of the company under the title “Prodigy Pictures” who have been working in a tight collaboration with the executives named as well Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie.
The leading acting cast includes such names as Jodelle Ferland, Marc Bendavid, Melissa O’Neil, Alex Mallari Jr., and some others.
As for the premiere, here one date should be defined with the series volume constituting now one installment only. So it is June of the previous year. Practically simultaneously with the American premiere, the series was brought to airing in such countries as Canada, Australia, and Spain.
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What are we supposed to follow here?

A deserted vehicle of space journeys comes to be packed with a crew that has been awaked from the standing balance. The catchiest thing is that they have lost their memory. So now they have no idea of who they truly are and why they find themselves on the board of this spaceship. There are seven of them by the way afloat.
With the events unfolding, the crew should face a considerable amount of challenges. Pursuing to survive, they have nothing in the course but to unite their efforts.

Average ratings fortified by favorable commentaries

Summing up from the first reviews that started appearing right from the release of the pioneer episode, we should note that the acceptance has gained a quite positive direction. The average number of watchers per episode in each country involves about 1 million people which can be perceived as enough for further development of the story.
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As we follow the recent news

Right after the series has bowed out in its first shape, we were pleased by the announcement from the official resources that the second chapter would take place sometime in 2016.
As it has been supposed, the upcoming installment is to appear in summer if to follow the already established tradition of the launch timeframe. In the previous month, this presumption was confirmed by the developers defining the Dark Matter season 2 release date as July 01, 2016. The chapter is expected to be compiled of 13 episodes. So there are only two weeks left before the premiere. Let’s mark this day in our books for notes in order not to miss it.


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