The Cyanide & Happiness Show Season 3

The Cyanide & Happiness Show Season 3 Release Date


The Cyanide & Happiness Show is an animated comedian TV series, which was illustrated by several talented people. The season premiere was on November in the year of 2014, but now everybody can enjoy the continuation of the Story. The Cyanide & Happiness Show 3 Season release date is the November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors will amaze you by a lot of people. But if we talk about the characters, who appear here very often, it is important to mention such talented people, as:

  • Dave McElfatrick.
  • Joel Watson.
  • Rob DenBleyker.
  • Mike Salcedo.
  • Derek Miller.
  • Kris Wilson.
  • Justin Aarestad.

The directors are Rob DenBlayker, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, Mike Salsedo. The producers are Sultan Al Darmaki, Phillip DeFranco, Jeremy Edberg, Devin Spurrill, Kelsey Balance, Rob DenBleyker, Dan Kerstetter, Dave McElfatrick, Derek Miller, Evan Shapiro, Greg Slagel, Kris Wilson, Gary Binkow.


This popular TV show was created on the base of popular comics and shorts. Here the Main idea is to present the zany antics of everyday people and the directors and producers do their best in order to reach such an aim.

Some of the situations are rather unusual, that you will have a lot of satisfaction while watching them. Despite this, here a lot of animated and unusual characters will appear, you must pay attention, that in this serial several genres are combined with each other. Among them, we must mention black comedy, sketch comedy, satire, adult animation.

The new episode will amaze you at all because here you will see a lot of outstanding people.


If you want to relax and to watch something special, this show was made especially for you. Here you must notice, that the show was created only for the adult audience, so you mustn’t watch it with your children – they wouldn’t understand the Main idea of this show.

The running time is approximately 10-15 minutes, so in order to enjoy this special TV series, you must watch this serial in the suitable time for you. Just a little period of time will help you to have fun and to relax from all the difficult tasks, which surrounds you all the time and each day long.

The season air date is a very important information when we talk about the one or another Interesting serial. 

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