Curse of the Frozen Gold Season 2

Animal Planet hasn’t shaped the future of the new project under the title “Curse of the Frozen Gold” so far. Let’s hope that it’s only a kind of detention and in the near future we will enjoy the show again.

Short review: developers, channels, star cast

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Curse of the Frozen Gold is considered to be a serial of Canadian production and makes for the adventurous unscripted show. The home channel for the series in the USA is reckoned to be Animal Planet. The executive crew consists of Courtney Campbell and Kirk Hipkiss.
The fabrication company is JV Productions. It was primarily launched on History Channel in its home country in the previous year, particularly at the end of summer. The broadcast in America on Animal Planet has been held starting from February this year.
The serial star crew consists of such participants as Evan Howard, Daryl Friesen, Adam Palmer, and some others.

What is the project about?

The serial comes to be about the brave gold hunters who are not afraid of the curse that is allegedly imbedded in the mine, of course according to one legend. They embark on the search of gold in Pitt Lake. But they should be in a hurry, for there are only three months before the cold winter weather comes in. The most promising locations they define practically at once and are eager to explore first of all two of them.
So what is about the curse of the mine? It is historically grounded. The legend of Slumach’s gold tells that a person hung in 1891 put obeah on the mine so that it should vanish for good after him passing away.
The investigating team includes enthusiasts with a different level of skillfulness. They are the mountain climbers, outdoorsmen, geologists, historians, old-timers, and severe gold-obsessed hunters. They are the six hunters. In a loose collaboration, they start suddenly realizing that the locations are much more hazardous and threatening than they have expected.
The impediments for them to find gold are every step of the way. They turn to be misguided several times. Moreover, the lack of time urges them to hurry up in spite of danger waiting for them at every turn. But they overflow with enthusiasm and nothing else matters in their life more than gold.

Ratings and chances of renewal

Curse of the Frozen Gold Season 2 Cast
The series comes to be chock-full of charisma and extraordinary on-goings. These two aspects is like contributing much to the success of the new brand show. The serial has found its regular audience which constitutes about a half a million viewers. The age frame is considered to be 18-49.
With all positive commentaries both from critics and common viewers, the developers seem like doubting whether the project is worth their further attention or not. So we have no information at hand concerning the Curse of the Frozen Gold season 2 release date as well the feasibility of the project resumption. Keep abreast of the coming news in order to be notified timely about any changes in the present situation.


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