Cucumber Season 2

A new scripted British comedy on Channel 4 is the summary for a project entitled “Cucumber”. Nevertheless, it is now more interesting to penetrate into the very narrative of the multipart film that includes so far the first season with the second one being on the hook yet.

Short outline

Cucumber is another portion of comedy from the one and the only Russell T Davies famous for such of his works as Doctor Who, Banana, Torchwood.
The series turns to be created for broadcasting originally on Channel 4 in the UK and on the Logo channel in the USA.
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By the genre, it is a mixture of comedy and drama or simply dramedy. The team of executives includes Nicola Schindler (Last Tango in Halifax, Scott & Bailey) and Julie Gardner (Intruders, Da Vinci’s Demons) working in harness with Russell T Davies.
The scripted serial is collaboration effort between Red Production Company and Adjacent Productions. The acting cast includes such stars as Vincent Franklin, Cyril Nri, as well as stars Freddie Fox (The Three Musketeers), Fisayo Akinade (Lifesaver), James Murray (Under the Greenwood Tree), Julie Hesmondhalgh (Coronation Street), and Con O’Neill (Uncle).
The first and so far the latest premiere was held in January in the UK and in April of the previous year in the USA.

Penetrating into the storyline

Henry Best being in his middle age follows a date night with his boyfriend of nine years named Lance Sullivan. So the new life is given an immediate start. The new life means following new rules. Thus, the story turns to show us the modern life of gays living in Manchester.

Drama background

This dramedy has been developed since the far 2006 year together with Banana project and web series entitled Tofu being the companion series of this one.
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These two companions are the dramas that are interwoven serving to feature the lives of gays. The depiction there is witty, dark yet powerful through the view of two generations.
And here one thing should be exposed, specifically the origin of the titles of these three projects. The thing is that they are backgrounded on a scientific study that divides the male erection into a hardness scale consisting of tofu, peeled banana, banana, and cucumber.
The developer of these projects once noted that after reading this paper he got to know that had his drama right and then.

When can we expect the release of the second chapter?

The series is exposing various social problems including the main one connected with minorities. The series ratings are rather high as far as we can judge from the scorings on various websites. On IMDb, it comprises 7.7 points out of 10.
Therefore, as the ranking level is more than just average, it is probable that the story will be continued with the upcoming new episodes. But as so far the fate of the series has not been shaped and the Cucumber season 2 release date is unknown, we should keep abreast of updates.


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