Cuckoo Season 4

In 2012, the comedy serial under the title „Cuckoo“was given a birth. Now it is in its third stage. And we hope that the developers will please us with an announcement about the fourth season. So far there isn’t any word about its continuation, unfortunately.

Basic info you need to know about the series

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The series comes to be created by Robin French and Kieron Quirke. It is reckoned to be a British comedy serial aired on BBC Three and then on BBC One. The executive producers’ team is presented by Ash Atalla and Dan Hine. The filming studio is Roughout Television. The latest (and we hope not the final one) season debuted in the middle of February this year.
The cast includes such actors and actresses as Helen Baxendale, Esther Smith, Andy Samberg, Tyger Drew-Honey, and surely Greg Davies. These are the principal performers of the series. And now let’s direct our attention to the series plot itself in order to get to know the series better.

Plot outline

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The title character nicknamed Cuckoo comes to be nothing but a nightmare in the life of Rachael parents named Ken and Lorna when a girl brings this hooligan to their home in the order they can get acquainted with him. Ken and Lorna can’t accept the New Age ideas of the slacker. And now their quiet life seems to be turned upside down at this crucial moment. Rachael is, by the way, a middle-class girl.
It is interesting to note that Andy Samberg, the performer of the main character, turns to have no further possibility to be filmed in the series after the first season release. In order to right the ship, the developers have added a new character to the plot. This character is named Dale Jr. who is considered to be Dale’s son. Dale himself turns to be lost in the Himalayas. In such a way the developers had to get rid of the title character.
Such a change could cost the developers a considerable decreasing of ratings. But they just had to run this risk. And they succeeded in fact as the reviews were in the same positive direction.

Can we expect the story to be continued?

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The premiere season had average numbers – about 1.5 million people. Now the decline of the rating is seen due to BBC Three move to the one online resource.
In spite of this not inspiring fact, one of the leading actors in the series was nominated for British Comedy Awards. The serial itself has obtained a nomination in the category of the beast comedy sitcom.
The Cuckoo season 4 release date is currently unknown as well as the possibility of its renewal, unfortunately.  The developers are now to shape the fate of the project. And we have nothing to do but wait for the news to be announced by them in the near future. While waiting, you have a possibility to review all episodes in order to refresh the project in your memory in case the renewal will be finally brought to broadcasting. Stay tuned in order to obtain information about the series in a right time straight from the official source.


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