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Cuckoo Season 4 Release Date


Cuckoo is a British situation comedy. The season premiere was presented on BBC channel. It was written by Kieron Quirke and Robin French. That is the most watched comedy, so that’s why it was nominated for a BAFTA.


All the actors, who play their roles here, we must present in two lists. The first one is the main cast characters. Here you can see:

Andy Samberg in the role of Dale Ashbrick.

Greg Davies in the role of Ken Thompson.

Helen Baxendale as Lorna Thompson.

Tyger Drew-Honey as Dylan Thompson.

Tamla Kari in the role of Rachel Thompson.

Taylor Lautner in the role of Dale Ashbrick.

Esther Smith as Rachel Thompson.

Matt Lacey as Ben.

The next list is the recurring cast:

Selina Griffiths as Connie Chance.

Kenneth Collard as Steve Chance.

Holly Earl as Zoe Chance.

Juliet Cowan in the role of Nina Morgan.

Philip Jackson in the role of Tony.

Emma Pierson as Jess.

That season of the serial was created by Kieron Quirke and Robin French. It was written also by them. The film was directed by Ben Taylor.


The events of the fourth season took place after the 6 month lasts. Here you can see the dramatic come off the Christmas. In the center of attention is Rachel with a broken heart because of Dale. She was managed to salvage the friendship with Lacey, because she understood, how important it will be to return to a normal life.

In that time Lorna and Kane have the preparation to the birth of the unplanned baby. Their son Dylan will soon come to the university. In the first episode, Lorna will give the life for a new baby.


The Cuckoo 4 season release date is the 7th of April in the year of 2016. That is also season air date. Such situation comedy is easy to watch because when if not now can you see all the series? The duration of one new episode lasts 30 minutes.

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