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Cuckoo is a sitcom created and released in the UK. The release was carried out by BBC One with the first season release date on the 25th of September 2012. The show started airing all over the world in 2016. The worldwide release was carried out by Netflix channel. The script was created by Robin French and Kieron Quirke. The cast of Cuckoo series includes Andy Samberg, Greg Davies, Taylor Lautner, Tamla Kari and Helen Baxendale. Every new episode is devoted to life of a family filled with numerous unpredictable comic situations. The series beat numerous records and received a great amount of nominations including a BAFTA for perfect comedy performance. Cuckoo season 4 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the series is planned to be continued.


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Season 1. The action of the series revolves in Lichfield, Staffordshire – it’s the family home of The Thompsons. When Ken and Lorna meet Rachel, their daughter, at the airport, they get to know that she is married to Dale Ashbrick referred to as Cuckoo. He’s an eccentric hippie having no job and addicted to drugs.
Season 2. The action of the second season revolves in two years after the ending of the previous one. Cuckoo is missing somewhere in Himalayas. Dylan is willing to start his studies in a university. Rachel starts living together with Ben, her new boyfriend. A young man named Dale arrives saying that he is the son of Cuckoo in search of his dad that he has never met before. Ken and Lorna leave him at their plays feeling pity to him.
Season 3. The action of the third season takes place in half a year after the departure of Dave at Christmas in the end of the second season. Rachel’s heart is broken. She’s missing Dale. She finished relations with Ben, but still continues to communicate with him. When everything gets stable in the family life, Dale gets back to add drama to the quiet family life. He shakes things over again. Ken and Lorna get ready to give birth to a new baby that hasn’t been planned. Dylan, their son, is leaving the university. Lorna’s baby is born in Sidney.
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The series has been a success for BBC from the very first season released. The series was renewed to start on the 7th of August 2014 in its second installment. In spring of 2016, Cuckoo was prolonged for two seasons more.

4th season Air Date

The series was officially renewed to be released in 2017, but the exact release date hasn’t been announced yet. When more info is available in the media, we will inform you.


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