Cuckoo Release Date

Cuckoo Release Date


Cuckoo is a sitcom of British production. The creators of the series are K. Quirke and R. French.  Since the season 1was successful, the season 2 was ordered, which was premiered in 2014. In 2016, the series was renewed for two more seasons. Currently, twenty-two episodes of the show are available.


The main cast of the show includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Andy Samberg, a comedian and actor,
  • Helen Baxendale, an actress of TV and stage,
  • Tyger Drew-Honey, an actor, musician and TV presenter,
  • Tamla Kari, an actress,
  • Greg Davies, a stand-up comedian and an actor,
  • Esther Smith, an actress,
  • Taylor Lautner, a model, actor, and martial artist,
  • Matt Lacey, a comedian, actor, and laser tycoon.

The recurring cast includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Selina Griffiths,
  • Juliet Cowan,
  • Holly Earl,
  • Kenneth Collard,
  • Philip Jackson,
  • Emma Pierson.


The place of action is Lichfield. Ken and Lorna meet their daughter named Rachel at the airport. They are extremely surprised to find out that their daughter got married to a man named Dale (Cuckoo). He is a hippie without any job loving taking drugs. Dale and the parents of Rachel try to find understanding. The father tries to make Dale learn some basic rules of how to behave in their house. The young people got married in Thailand, but soon they discover that their marriage is not official.

In the season 2, two years later, Dale is missing in the mountains. Meanwhile, Dylan wants to go study at a university, and Rachel is about to start living together with a man named Ben. A young man named Dale comes over and tells that his is a son of Cuckoo and wants to find his father that he has never seen before. The Thompsons are touched by the story of the young man and offer him to stay in their house.

Although Rachel still misses Dale, she tries to establish her relationships with Ben. It seems like everything goes smoothly until another Dale arrives and start living at their house. Ken and Lorna are about to have a baby.


It is one of three the most popular shows launched by BBC. Greg Davies was nominated for the best performance and as the best comedy actor. The series was nominated for best comedy show. There were certain difficulties with launching the season 2, because of a busy schedule of Samberg. In 2014, it was decided that the actors would not take a part in filming and that he would be replaced by Lautner.

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