Criminal Minds Season 12

Unfortunately, we have nothing to surprise you with. The situation is that the developers of the show under the title “Criminal Minds” are still to shape the fate of this project though it seems like an obvious fact that the project is worth any further continuation.

Basic info you need to keep in mind about the show

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Criminal Minds makes for the American series in the genre of a criminal drama. The spearhead of the creative team is considered to be Jeff Davis. The studio titled Mark Gordon Company is in charge of the fabrication of this already legendary serial. The home channel of the series is reckoned to be CBS.
The premiere of the pioneer chapter was held in 2005 year. At a present moment of being the viewers have 11 seasons at hand and are looking forward to the emergence of the twelfth one.
The acting cast is composed of such actors and actresses as Mandy Patinkin, Lola Glaudini, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, and some others.

Plot summary

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The principal heroes of the serial come to be the FBI agents. The action is set in Virginia, particularly in Quantico. During their investigations, they use unusual methods of creating behavioral profiles with the help of which they manage to get to the bottom of the truth in every criminal cold case. The crew of FBI agents consists of such main characters of the serial as Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, Jason Gideon, Dr. Spencer Rei, and some others. Working in a tight cooperation, they cope with the most difficult cases revealing the truth and most unbelievable life stories of various suspects.

What can we say about the ranking of the project?

The most recent chapter, particularly number 11, debuted in the middle of September of the preceding year. It consisted of 22 parts. The duration of each one constitutes, by the way, about 1 entire hour. So the viewers are to enjoy the episodes to the full without getting a feeling of something unfinished. In this season, some cast changes took place, for instance, Jennifer Love Hewitt was unable to participate in the filming of the serial due to her being pregnant.
The project keeps gathering positive reviews from critics as well as from common viewers. The total number of watchers is evaluating in the entire 9 million people. Isn’t it a firm reason for the show to be produced for the several following years? We think it is.
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Chances of renewal for the twelfth chapter

Though the ratings of the serial are quite promising, the creators are no in a hurry to announce about the possibility of the launch of another chapter. This news comes to be not satisfying. However, we must arm ourselves with patience and hope that it is only a matter of time. So while the Criminal Minds season 12 release date is unknown, you should keep your eyes open in order to catch the premiere date and to get to know other interesting details about the upcoming chapter.


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