Crashing Season 2

Crashing is a dramedy TV series created and released in the UK. The series was released by Channel 4 with the first season release date on the 11th of January 2016. The production matters were carried out by Big Talk Productions. The first season was made up of 6 episodes and concluded on the 15th of February 2016. Crashing season 2 release date is yet to be announced – the producers aren’t planning to cancel the project.


The actors portraying the main characters are marvelous. Each of them turned out to be exceptional.
Crashing Season 2 date release

  • Anthony (portrayed by Damien Molony). He’s kind and likable, but isn’t always sure about the things he does and says. Considered to be spineless.
  • Kate (portrayed by Louise Ford). An always worried fiancé of Anthony.
  • Lulu (portrayed by Waller-Bridge). The oldest and the best friend of Anthony who always gets him stuck in uncomfortable situations, which constantly provokes tense situations in their relationship.
  • Sam (portrayed by Jonathan Bailey). A real estate agent.
  • Fred (portrayed by Amit Shah). He’s a shy and constantly confused personality keeping his thoughts to himself.
  • Melody (portrayed by Julie Dray). An artist from France.
  • Colin (portrayed by Adrian Scarborough). A “muse” of Melody. Divorced.

Crashing Season 2


The action of every new episode of the series revolves in a disused hospital. This place is inhabited by the so-called “property guardians”. They live spread all over the ruining building of an old hospital paying minimum rent. Their task is to keep the deserted building of a hospital safe. Besides, they also have to follow several restrictions. They don’t have the right to organize parties on the territory of a hospital. Cooking meals, having sex, lighting candles and smoking is also restricted. No wonder everyone breaks these rules from time to time.

All of the inhabitants are about 20 having no money to afford designer dwellings. That’s why they live in rooms where the shelves constantly fall down from the walls and there are never-ending troubles with electricity. Besides, various medical equipment lies all around littering rooms and creating s certain messy atmosphere.
Crashing Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

Channel 4 hasn’t made any announcements about when Crashing will be released in tis second installment. The show’s original concept attracted quite a lot of viewers (except for the very first episode of the show that is considered to be quite lame). We will announce the news when more relevant info is available in the official media of the show.

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