Crashing Season 2

This year, a new situational comedy titled “Crashing” has hit the British television. Is it as "crashing" as the name implies? Let’s find out everything about it, including the possibility of a future renewal.

Some basic details about the serial

Crashing Season 2 PosterCrashing is an entirely new story on the British TV network Channel 4. It is a situational comedy – a rather popular genre these days. The series debuted in the middle of January 2016, which is quite recently.
The author of the script is one and only Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She is, by the way, part of the cast of this multipart movie. Led by the principal executives of the serial, Kenton Allen and Liz Lewin, the members of the Big Talk Productions team were the ones to create the story.
At the present moment of time, the viewers only have one pioneer season at hand. It includes six full episodes.

Narrative summary

Nowadays, rent is one of the most difficult challenges for people with low incomes living in London. Many simply can’t pay the erroneously high price. But in any case, these people have the right to have a place they could call home. The serial, by the way, depicts this problem rather realistically, by the way.
Crashing Season 2 Promo
The central heroes of this series are some of those people. Due to a cruel twist, they turn to live as caretakers in a deserted and half-destroyed hospital. These people are young and represent many areas of interest. They all have different personal characteristics. But that doesn’t prevent them from interacting and communicating with each other. A posh young man, a sincere girl with a positive approach to life, a bullied nerd… They and some other people are all strangers to each other who have to live together.
These characters seem couldn’t have met each other under any other circumstances. But this hospital is their common place for living, their home. And that unites them, so many different people.

What is about the acceptance of the newcomer?

The exciting story and the brilliant performance of the cast contributed to the apparent success of this series on the UK television. Although most critics and viewers speak highly of the series, there is also some negative feedback. Not everyone accepted some plot details portrayed in the story, such as lesbian porn, vomit, date rape and tampon references. But as the rating shows, there is nothing to worry about. The serial is gaining popularity every day.
Crashing Season 2 Cast

What can we say about the renewal?

The developers are keeping silent about the very possibility of the serial resumption. There is no data about the Crashing season 2 release date. And it seems like it is not the time for such things now. That’s why we should wait a bit until the formal announcement is publicized on the official accounts on Twitter or Facebook of the serial developers.

Update: Crashing Season 2 Release Date

Though we cannot offer you too much at this time, we still can offer you something. Previously, we knew nothing about the possibility of a renewal. Technically, we still don’t, but at this time, we can safely assume when to expect the second season.
The producers mentioned that, as the things were, a new episode would not come out until the middle of 2017. Now, that doesn’t mean that it will come out, but it’s very likely. And we have a tentative date to look forward to!
Stay with us, and we will notify you about any follow ups.


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