Crash Gallery Season 2

Crash Gallery Season 2 Release Date


Crash Gallery is a reality TV serial, which was created in Canada. The season premiere of it was on October in the year of 2015 and it amazed a lot of people. The Crash Gallery 2 Season release date is the December in the year of 2016.


When we talk about the cast to that entertaining serial, we must mention, that here only talented people will appear. Among them you must introduce the following:

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
  • Jonathan Bailey.
  • Julie Dray.
  • Louise Ford.
  • Damien Molony.
  • Adrian Scarborough.
  • Amit Shah.

The director is George Kane and the writer is Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Talking about the producers, here we must name Kenton Allen, Josh Cole, Georgie Fallon, Matthew Justice, Liz Lewin, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Josh Cole. The editors are Mark Henson and Bridgette Williams.


That comedian TV serial will present you the lives of the people, who are at the age of 20-30. They live together in the special disused hospital and they try to have the best relationships each other. But, each character here is a personality, so each time they quarrel and try to find the compromise in each situation. That help them to be a big family, where all the difficulties and problems are solving in a huge group of people.

As you can understand, that serial will present an ordinary life, so here a lot of situations will be similar to you and that is so great. While watching this season, you will have a lot of thoughts of how to behave in one or another situation and is it hard to live with the people of different features of character.


This reality show was created for the people of different ages, so if you don’t know, what to watch in a company of friends, this serial was created only for you. Each person in your family will also estimate it because here a lot of unexpected and funny situations will occur.

The duration of each new episode is 60 minutes and you will have a great opportunity to watch this serial from the beginning till the end of your weekend or on holidays. It is really fancy and dazzling.

This information will be really important when you need to name the season air date. 

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Crash Gallery Season 2 1

Crash Gallery Season 1 Trailer

Sean O’Neill, CBC Host, Crash Gallery

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