Cradle to Grave Season 2

Sitcoms are one of the most popular TV projects all over the world. Danny Baker, the creator of the script and Sandy Johnson, the director of Cradle to Grave turned out to be quite successful in this genre. This British sitcom ended in October of 2015 and later was officially prolonged for season 2. The project is based on autobiography of Danny Baker in the 70s. There are eight episodes in the first season, the number of episodes of the second season is still unknown.

Season 1 Short Overview

The storyline lies in the end of the 20th century. The series depicts the Bakers and their life filled with positive and negative moments. The head of the family is Fred (often called Spud) – a well-known person in the southern part of London. He’s a docker. Fred Is married to Bet. She’s deeply in love with him and does her best to take care of the financial issues in the family. Their elder daughter is Sharon. She’s going to get married in quite a challenging and hard time for the whole family, cause the dockers lose their working places due to the closing docks.
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The things are going hard not only from the financial point of view, but in Danny’s personal and romantic affaires. He tries hard to look attractive in the eyes of women but his attempts often result in hilarious comic situations. The series is a mix of emotional drama and warm humor wrapped in a marvelous soundtrack composed by Squeeze. The coolest thing is that the project copies the lifeline of a real person.

Characters and Cast Details

  • Laurie Kynaston acts as Danny Baker. He’s the youngest kid in the family. He’s got a brother Michael and sister Sharon. Has a romantic affair with Miss Blondel – one of the teachers from the local school.
  • Peter Kay portrays Fred Baker. A father of two kids and Bet’s husband. Works in the dock and sometimes sells stuff from his personal stock to get some cash for the family.
  • Lucy Speed plays the role of Bet Baker. She’s a loving and caring mom of the family.
  • Frankie Wilson portrays the character of Michael Baker. Brother of Danny and Sharon. Lives in one room with Danny.
  • Alice Sykes acts as Sharon Baker. She’s the eldest kid in the family. In the course of the series she becomes engaged to Roger. She’s planning to marry him.
  • Julie Dray portrays Miss Blondel. Local school’s teacher and Danny’s love interest.

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Reception and Critics

The critics pay attention to the disturbing cockney accent of the characters. However, general feedback on the characters and the plot is positive. The viewers find Cradle to Grave enjoyable giving it a chance for the continuation.

Release Date Info

The renewal of Cradle to Grave has already been announced by BBC Two Channel, but the exact release date is still unknown. Stay tuned not to miss the beginning of the second part of the project!


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