Covert Affairs: Season 6

The new, sixth, season of the Covert Affairs TV series will be out in 2015. Let us see some details on the upcoming episodes of the show.
The fans of this TV show were able to enjoy five seasons of Covert Affairs. The central character is a woman named Annie Walker. Although Annie is just an intern, she is smart and promising, and she is the one to be assigned to the most complex cases.
Covert Affairs is a blend of genres. You will find here a standard mix of crime, action, thriller, and drama. It can be also referred to as detective series. A successful combination as it is, Covert Affairs has appealed to the tastes of viewers who, immediately after the 5th season finale, started to be waiting for the sequel. Everybody’s eager to know what the sixth season will be about.
People behind the show are silent regarding the possible direction events will take in the upcoming episodes. The information which leaked through somehow suggests that we might see Covert Affairs: season 6 a little earlier this year. Meanwhile, we are patiently waiting for the final word from the show’s creators.
The sixth season of the detective drama Covert Affairs is scheduled for summer 2015.
What kind of challenges do you think Annie will have to deal with?

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