Couples Therapy Season 7

Couples Therapy Season 7 Release Date


That is a reality TV serial, which started to show in the year of 2012. The first season premiere get the attention of people, so now every person can see the 7th season and enjoy it at all. In the center of attention you can see Doug Hutchinson and Cortney Stodden, who is his lovely wife.


In that TV serial you will see a lot of people in cast. Each character play here a very important role, so now we will present the main:

  • Jenn. She is a child therapist and he has a private practice.
  • Mike Dow. He is the right hand of Dr. Jenn. Also he is an expert in relationship and a psychotherapist.
  • Sarah Michael Novia is a counselor at Couples Center. She appears as psychological expert.
  • Gabrielle Moore. She is an intern and she help young couples to find an understanding in their relationships.
  • Keisha Downy. She is a residential treatment counselor, who practiced in private psychotherapy.
  • Rachel Clark. She is a family therapist with great work experience.
  • Tom Carouso, He has a psychotherapy practive in Beverly Hills.

When we talk about the executive producers, we must mention the following: Jill Holmes, Damian Sullivan, Joel Rodgers, Laurel Stier, John Irwin, Rob Buchta, Susan Levinson, and Sudi Khosropur.


In the center you will see Dr. Jenn Mann, who is a distinguished specialist in family and marriage. Earlier here you will see a lot of couples, who really need help in such sphere. After a course of treatment and practice advices, their lives become more interesting and full of positive moments. Besides, they have no problems with self-understanding and that’s cool.

In the new season of the serial you will see the new cast. Here appear the new couples, which also need a professional help. It is so easy to understand, that after such show the result will be really amazing.


That serial is really interesting to watch together with your second half. With help of it you will understand, what problems do you have and what are the main ideas for it solving.

The duration of one new episode is 42 minutes. The Couples Therapy 7 Season release date is the 9th of February this year. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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