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Counting Cars Season 7 Release Date


Counting Cars is an American TV serial, which was produced by Leftfield Pictures. It will present you the chronicles of Count`s Kustoms life. He works in a company, which restore the old cars and he really likes his work. The season premiere was on August in the year of 2012, but now it is time to see the 7th season. The Counting Cars 7 Season release date is the 27th of July this year.


As you know, the cast of Actors plays a very important role in every film or serial. Here we must underline the most remarkable people, who will present you their skills and you will be satisfied with their work. So, here you will meet:

  • Danny Koker. He is devoted to the restoration shop and he is a great specialist in automobiles, vehicles, motorcycles. He likes to take part in such shows and he tries to show his professionalism in every suitable situation.
  • Kevin Mack. He is the best friend of Danny, so we can say, that he is his right hand. Their friendship lasts for 20 years, so you will see, what does it mean to have a friend and a brother. Kevin likes to buy vehicles and to make the test drives of different cars.
  • Horny Mike is an airbrush artist and he likes to make different helmets for the vehicles.

•    Roli Szabo is a detailed in the shop. His Main duty is to clean and polish the vehicles. Earlier he worked in an ambulance, so he likes to do the work very quickly.

  • Big Ryan likes to make projects and he is an expert with the huge work experience.

•    Scott is a manager in such organization. He Maintains all the projects, control money and tries to be successful in such a branch.

  • Shannon Aikau is a manager in Bike shop. He is the general builder with the engineering skills.
  • Ryan Evans is a painter and he likes to do his work on the highest level.
  • Harry Rose Sr. He is an employee and he worked with car bodies.
  • Joseph Duggan tries to provide the modern technologies in cars.
  • George is a mechanics at the professional level.

The executive producer is Brent Montgomery, David George, Shawn Witt, Simon Thomas, Danny Koker, Julian Hobbs. The editors are Eric Dow, Ducan Adams, and Phillip Chernyak.


That serial will present you, how the work in the repair shop is made. Here you will see all the peculiarities of this work and they will help you to understand, that it is not so easy, as you could imagine.


The duration of each new episode is 22 minutes.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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