Containment 1 Season Release Date

Containment 1 season release date

Containment 1 season release date was announced by CW channel. You can read the details further.

The stars of the upcoming TV show that will be launched on CW channel are Christina Moses, Chris Wood, reliable K Bailey, Shawn Parsons, Gregory Alan Williams, Miles Mussenden, Robin Spriggs and Leander Suleiman. What to expect from Containment 1 season premiere?
The Plot:
Following the example of some other still emerging in the United States to adapt the European Containment is a reinterpretation of the Americans are not too old Belgian TV series of the same name. And this trend is becoming a new trend. Since the project has released the channel The CW, it is clear that involved the whole story on the horrors committed by the authorities and human frailties of ordinary people.

Containment 1 season release date was announced by CW channel

According to the content and style of the show is very much like Under the Dome. However, there is no glass sphere incomprehensible nature of the characters did not occur. The plot takes place the beginning, I can even say, casually – in a district of Atlanta began to spread a deadly viral infection. The worst – that is really able to happen in reality, can the truth, not on such a scale.
Authorities received the most anticipated of them properly – put around the infected area army cordon. Now this land is cursed, and stay on it will have to build a new system of living arrangement. As always in apocalyptic situations of the people turning into animals, and some, on the contrary, it reveals the features of the hero. And against the background of general chaos dissolved develops personal tragedy of young people who are at the point of origin of their love terrible tragedy separated.
Containment 1 season release date is expected at Q1 of 2016.
For now there is no information about the release date of Containment 1 season on DVD or Bluray.
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