Con Season 3 Release Date

Con Season 3 Release Date


Con is an emotional, Emmy-assigned TV miniseries that takes after two rascals on a school grounds: Iris, a quick talking lone wolf, and Jonah, the hopeful draftsman. They collaborate keeping in mind the end goal to pull off their respective long cons, however things winding wild when Iris’ past causes issues down the road for her.

Con season 3 is the mini-series that demonstrates that while rascals regularly set up a tempting, forceful and, for absence of a superior term, certain front, it’s what lies underneath the surface that can genuinely represent the moment of truth the lives of office culprits – including the individuals who happen to exist together in the midst of the crews, the sororities, the stud competitors and the researchers.

Con season 3 release date was initially planned for the second half of 2016. However, there are possible changes in the release schedule of this critically acclaimed mini-series broadcasted online.


Amy Suto from Con season 3 premiere cut her teeth as a Showrunner on two periods of the web arrangement "Remedy 15." She’s in her last year of the USC B.F.A. Screenwriting program, and works in composing sensational serialized content for the web and TV. She additionally composes books, plays, and three-act basic need records. She runs a composition blog at Email:

Jen En?eld-Kane got her begin on the understudy run show underGRAD before proceeding onward to make her own web arrangement, the Supernatural Enthusiasts Club. She as of late came back from a ?ve month stay in Japan (and sufficiently devouring green-tea ?avored confections to endure forever), Jen is additionally going into her ?nal year of the USC B.F.A. Screenwriting program with Amy, where she separates her time between composing for TV and computer games.

The arrangement likewise will feature  Portia Juliette as Jonah’s closest companion and bibliophile Evelyn, whose genuine emotions towards Jonah, and additionally her genuine character, may not be what it shows up. Adjusting the give is Chae Talley a role as Aiden, the most recent would-be casualty of Iris’ plan, and a man who’s step by step taken in by her unmistakable charm.


In Con season 3 release the last kind is on full show as two undergrads/extortionists with totally distinctive identities choose to unite as they endeavor to pull off a portion of the greatest tricks and heists that nobody individual could pull off.

Interesting Facts

  • As Enfield-Kane [creator] says, Con season 3 has something for everybody, particularly the individuals who adore the screw-up – be it Tony Soprano, Walter White, or any extraordinary character who uneasily toes the line amongst good and bad;
  • Made and composed by Amy Suto and Jen Enfield-Kane, Con: The Miniseries debuted with its first period of 6 scenes later in August of 2015 by means of the USC (University of Southern California’s) Trojan Vision link station (on grounds by means of link station 8.1, and to all of Los Angeles by means of link channel LA36), and Trojan Vision’s site.

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