Colony 1 Season Release Date

Colony 1 season release date

Colony 1 season release date was scheduled by USA Network. The details are given below.

USA Network produces and releases a brand new sci-fi TV show directed by Juan Jose Campanella with such actors Jacob Vargas, Charles Baker, Tom Beyer, Justin Chu-Cary, Noah Craft and Isabella Cramp. It seems that Colony 1 season premiere looks quite promising.

The Plot:

In Colony season 1 episode 1 we will see how extraterrestrial aliens invaded our homeland. The events happen in the near future, or rather, in 2015. His location is Los Angeles. One of the most cheerful and carefree urban American regions was attacked aliens. While invaders do not aspire to the complete destruction of earthlings, they establish the total control over us. In the changed world, a human race is divided into two camps. Some people obey and adapt to live under the yoke of the new government. Others go to partisans to fight the colonists.

Colony 1 season release date was scheduled by USA Network

In this difficult situation is centered the main character Will Bowman, who formerly served in the FBI. He is forced to cooperate with aliens because in the case of failure the FBI threatened to kill his family. The task for Bowman is to look for resistance fighters and hand them the information about aliens. His wife cannot completely separate the choice of spouse, but for the sake of the family is forced to agree.
Colony 1 season release date is scheduled for October 1, 2015.
Colony 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD will probably happen in December of 2015.
Colony 1 season trailer:

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