Cold War: Armageddon Season 2

Cold War: Armageddon Season 2 Release Date


Cold War: Armageddon is a documental TV series, which is based on a historical background. It is produced in America. The season premiere was in October this year, but now you will see the continuation of this Story – the second season. The Cold War: Armageddon 2 Season release date is the 7th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast of Actors, we must name the person, who works on it a lot. He is Kenneth Branagh. And while watching the series, you will listen to him in order to understand the plot and the Main idea.

Among the producers, we must mention Bid Media and KM Plus Media. The executive producers are Danny Wilk, Jon Loew, Martin Kase, Ron Simon. Also, it is important to underline the composer by the name Carl Davis.


Here in the center of attention, the greatest struggle will be shown. The two Main heroes have great superpowers, so very often they struggle with each other. Here you will see The United States and the USSR, so some of the events can be equal to the World War II.

People, who made a lot of efforts to create peace, come over lots of stages, but that wasn’t so easy, as they can imagine. The boiling point in this struggle is a complete annihilation, in which military tensions are traversed by the head-on conflict.

All the decades of war will be presented here and here people will see, what the reshape of politics means. In the new episodes all the military landscapes of the world are shown, so if you want to see the crash course, the serial Cold War Armageddon will be the best program, which was made especially for you.


To begin with, we must say, that people, who like historical events, will appreciate it at all. Each character here is really professional, so during the series watching, you wouldn’t be dull of anything. If you wanted to know the truth, must watch this cinema masterpiece.

As for the running time of each new episode, here we must say, that it lasts for 46 minutes. So, it is so Interesting and so easy to watch it all.

The season air date is an important thing because it will help to understand when the serial was launched.

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Cold War: Armageddon Season 2 1
Cold War: Armageddon Season 2 2
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On Standby To Annihilate or Be Annihilated

Testing Atom Bombs as The Iron Curtain Descends Over Europe

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