Cold Justice Season 4

Are you fond of observing the process of the investigation of criminal cases? If you are, welcome to the relatively new show devoted right to this topic. Now the serial is in its third season and we hope that the developers will resume the project as soon as possible.

Basic information you need to know about the series

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Cold Justice is reckoned to be a criminal reality TV series without a definite scenario. The show is produced by Dick Wolf. The opening night was held back to 2013, particularly at the start of September. Currently, we have the entire 50 one-hour episodes and three seasons at hand. The home channel is titled TNT.
The participating stars are Yolanda McClary, Alan Brown , Kelly Siegler, and many others.

What is about the plot itself?

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The main participants of each episode are the two parts f the prosecutor Kelly Siegler and the ex-investigator Yolanda McClary. In a perfect collaboration, they investigate the most difficult and unresolved crime scenes.
These charming personalities are very skillful in their professional area. With the agreement of local, this perfect team is solving the cases which have seemed earlier as those that have no other trails to follow. The relatives op killed people who are beside oneself with grief are searching for justice. They are eager to find the murderers. And Kelly and Yolanda are lending a helping hand to these people.
According to statistics of the reality show, as of the beginning of 2015, the duo have assisted local enforcements to commit  21 arrests, 11 criminal accusations, to get four confessions, three guilty pleas, and three murder convictions

Ratings and chances of renewal

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Right from the beginning, the show is getting more and more positive reviews both from the common viewers and critics. For example, On Rotten Tomatoes, the series is nothing but a 100% hit. On IMDb, the viewers have evaluated the series in more than 7.5 points from 10. Such popularity has lead to the appearance of such co-project as Cold Justice: Sex Crimes. The serial has other hosts. The premiere of this spin-off was held in the middle of previous summer.  This new serial enlarges upon investigation of unsolved sex crimes. The former Harris County investigators Casey Garrett and Alicia O’Neill are traveling the country to assist local police department officers to close cold cases.
Though it is considered to be a quite natural thing to resume the investigation story in the form of the fourth season, the developers seem to doubt the fact whether the project is worth renewing.
Thus, the Cold Justice season 4 release date remains unknown as the creators are still to shape the fate of the beloved project. We hope for the better news to come but so far you should stay tuned with us in order to be in the course of events and not to miss any kind of important information concerning the project straight from the horse’s mouth.


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