Cold Justice season 4

Cold Justice season 4 Release Date

TNT channel decided to renew the Cold Justice for season four. New season premiere date hasn’t yet been announced, but we’re all waiting for the season start.

About the series

Cold Justice is a procedural drama made by Wolf Films. Kelly Siegler, former prosecutor, and Yolanda McClary, former crime scene investigator, look for unsolved crimes, ask local law enforcement to reopen them and try to find the answer. Every new episode is a new case. The activity of these two helped the local government solve about 40 cold cases.

Actors – some facts

There is an interesting fact about the cast. Kelly and Yolanda are not just actresses – in the past they successfully worked in the field of justice. That makes the series more dramatic. Another thing is that all the cases are real – the two help families and local agencies find justice for the victims.

The series is unscripted – that means nobody knows what’s in the end. Cold cases are solved on rare occasions, because often if police didn’t find the evidence without delay, it’s unlikely that you will solve it two or three years after. That’s why Kelly and Yolanda take these cases – they are hard to work with, but the challenge worth it.

Series has a spin-off, started in 2015. It’s titled Cold Justice: Sex Crimes. Two former prosecutors travel around US looking for unsolved sex crimes.

TheCold Justice’s first season air date was on September, 3, 2013. It now has 50 episodes in three seasons. The air dates are:

  • 2013 – first season
  • 2014 – second season
  • 2015 – third season

Series ratings

Cold Justice has 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb and 8.6 out of 10 on It’s a really high rating and one of the reasons why fans hope for the series to be soon renewed. It is thought that when season 4 come, rates of it will be higher than ever because of the long expectance. Nobody wants to believe that the third season was the last.

Worldwide acceptance

Why Cold Justice is loved by the audience? This isn’t a useless TV show. Women do the important job and show the process and the results to people. It makes fans feel that they are participants, co-workers. Through the series women secured three guilty pleas, three murder convictions, four confessions, twenty one arrests and eleven criminal indictments. That means a lot and that’s another reason for series to return.

Now TNT doesn’t make any announcements about the series, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t coming soon. When channel announce the next season release date, we will post this for you as well as the schedule.

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