Close to the Enemy Season 2


Close to the Enemy is a period drama miniseries, which appeared in Great Britain. The season premiere was on November this year, but the continuation of the story is available for each person. The Close to the Enemy 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016, so you can enjoy it in any suitable moment for you.


When we talk about the cast of actors, you must know, that here a lot of main and recurrent actors will appear. But we will mention the main people, such as:

  • Lucy Ward.
  • August Diehl.
  • Jim Sturgess.
  • Julian Bleach.
  • Robert Glenister.
  • Alfie Allen.
  • Charity Wakefield.
  • Close to the Enemy Season 2 date release

    The director of the serial is Stephen Poliakoff. Among the producers, we must mention Hilary Bryan Jones, Helen Flint, Suzan Harrison, Stephen Poliakoff, Jean Holdsworth. Chris Wyatt is the editor of this serial.


    All the episodes of the new season will show you the events in the year of 1940. Here in the center of attention is British intelligence officer by the name Captain Callum Ferguson. He has the main aim to take care of Dieter Koehler, who is a kidnapped German scientist. So, he tries to assist the British military and then in the new episodes you will see, how the best team of professionals made a beautiful and outstanding jet aircraft.
    Close to the Enemy Season 2


    That serial is full of interesting and adorable moments, so here each person will be satisfied with it. In order to make it more unusual, the new episodes will be full of unbelievable events.
    Close to the Enemy Season 2

    So, if you have enough free time to watch this real cinema masterpiece, you must do it and the result will be great. Also, you must pay attention, that such a serial is not for children, so you mustn’t allow them to watch it.

    The running time of the new episode is approximately 58 minutes, so each episode is a little film with the beginning, middle and conclusion. That will be perfect if you will watch it on holidays or over the weekend. Do it with the closest people to discuss all the details.

    The season air date can be shown, when there is a necessity to underline the peculiarities of one or another serial.

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