Cleverman Season 2

Cleverman is a drama TV series created in collaboration with Australian, New Zealand, and American filmmakers. The author of the original concept is Ryan Griffen. The release was carried out by Sundance TV and ABC with the original first season release date on the 1st of June 2016. Cleverman season 2 release date is unknown yet, but the producers have already announced news about the continuation.


The Cleverman is a vital character of Australian Aboriginal cultures. That’s a very specific person able to connect several realities at a time – the past, the present, and the future. This personage combines the reality and the Dreaming. Cleverman TV series is a combination of various traditions connected with this character.

Cleverman Season 2 date release


In the series, they are multiple Aboriginals (Bundjalung, Gamilaraay and others). They are stronger than usual people are and their bodies are covered with thick hair. Their fingernails are growing sharp. Besides, they live longer than human beings do. Even their DNA is different from humans. They get into the world of people half a year before the beginning of the events in the series.


That’s a drama series consisting of 6 episodes at present. These six episodes include several Aboriginal stories in a modern context. The central plotline of every new episode is devoted to Gumbaynggirr brothers who have to fight for survival hand in hand.

Cleverman Season 2


  • Hunter Page-Lochard portrays the owner of The Couch pub named Koen West. He owns it with Blair and Ash, his friends. He managed to build his business while catching Hairypeople and giving them up to the CA. Eventually, he becomes a Cleverman after his uncle’s death. Koen is able to heal. One of his eyes is the Cleverman eye. It gives him a possibility to experience visions. He’s in a troublesome relationship with Waruu, his half-brother.
  • Rob Collins portrays a half-brother of Koen named Waruu West. Stands for equal rights for both humans and subhumans. Hopes to become a Cleverman too.
  • Deborah Mailman portrays Waruu’s estranged mom named Aunty Linda. Suffers from cancer and knows quite a lot about the Dreaming.
  • Iain Glen portrays the husband of Charlotte named Jarrod Slade. He’s got personal plans for Hairypeople and Koen.
  • Frances O’Connor portrays the wife of Slade named Dr. Charlotte Cleary. Has no idea about her husband’s plans. She’s the head of a clinic.
  • Ryan Corr portrays Koen’s childhood friend and Ashe’s boyfriend named Blair Finch.

Cleverman Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

In the beginning of summer 2016, Cleverman was officially prolonged for the second installment after the creators got a significant funding from Screen NSW. We will add more to the post when the producers get clear with plans on the 2nd season release date.

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