Clay`s P.O.V. Season 3 Release Date

Clay's P.O.V. Season 3 Release Date


Clay’s P.O.V season 3 is a scripted parody TV arrangement (13 x 30 min), delivered for a Canadian Pay Channel and later overall discharge on the Net. It is the world’s initial 100% perspective arrangement as the viewer never sees our eponymous character "Dirt". Clay’s P.O.V. is restless, low spending plan and amusing to chip away at. We are looking for on-screen characters with a considerable measure of on-screen moxy and great comic capacity.

Clay’s POV season 3 release date was announced by its creators for the second half of 2016 on SuperChannel 2. Surely, there is no news about Clay’s POV season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In Clay’s POV season 3 episode you will see such Actors – Guy Faulkner, Victoria Hopkins, Charles Jannasch, Aram Kouyoumdjian, Beate Malkus, Teresa Voriskova.


In Clay’s POV season 3 release is all about Clay, a handsome young Canadian touring Europe on a motorcycle, shoots documentary footage that he hopes to someday sell, but he is habitually sidetracked by love, adventure or some complete disaster triggered by the ever-scheming Anton.

Interesting Facts

  • Each episode of Clay’s POV season 3 premiere consists of 30 minutes;
  • The first season of the web show was released in the end of 2014;
  • In one of episodes Anton dresses as a Catholic priest to help pick up girls on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. Katka decides to walk across Europe to Istanbul. Katka continues walks through the vineyards of southern France. Anton starts a business selling fake Bordeaux wines to the Chinese;

Season 2 of this one of a kind sensational scripted 1/2 hour TV arrangement for Superchannel. Obligations included working intimately with the Producer and Series Editor to guarantee character and Storyline coherence and temping in all impacts before conveyance.

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Clay's P.O.V. Season 3 Promo 3

Clay’s PoV Demo Reel


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