Clash of the Grandmas Season 2

Clash of the Grandmas Season 2 Release Date


Clash of the Grandmas is a competition in a form of reality show. People of all the ages will estimate it at all. The season premiere was in November this year. But now we want to underline the new second season. The Clash of the Grandmas 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


If there is a need to talk about the Actors in the cast for that serial, we must say, that here only experiences people will appear. In the Main roles you will be shown:

  • Eddie Jackson.
  • Cameron Mathison.
  • Aarti Sequeira.
  • Nancy Fuller.
  • Brandi Milloy.
  • Monti Carlo.
  • Ryan Scott.
  • Sharone Hakman.

Among the producers, we must underline Steve Kroopnick and Dave Oliver. The editors are Mark Freed and Jeff Britt.


In the center of this serial, you will see several grandmothers with the unusual vision of life. They have the greatest kitchen experience and now they are ready to present it to the wide audience. Each day during the competition they will present different meals, which will impress the people of all the ages and social status. Here you will be presented a lot of traditional meals and also you will see fancy dishes, first and second meals, desserts.

The result of the competition is to find out the grandmother, who is the best chief and who deal with all the difficulties on her way. The winner will get 10,000 dollars, so that’s why there are a lot of grandmothers, who wanted to take part in such a competition.

On one hand, it seems, that everything is easy and each person will deal with is. But, on the other hand, you must know, that the opinion of judges also plays the most important role. So, to become a winner, every grandmother must surprise the judges and the viewers of this TV show.


People, who like cooking and those, who wanted to become the real professionals in such a sphere, must watch this serial as soon as possible. Here the experience of old women will be shown and that is the only right way to become an outstanding chef in your own kitchen.

The running time of new episode is rather suitable, so you can enjoy this remarkable program in any period of time.

When we want to underline the season air date, it will be great, if we will use the information, which is given in this article.

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