Clash of the Corps Season 2

Clash of the Corps Season 2 Release Date


Clash of the Corps is a new reality TV series, which was created and produced by Dwayne Johnson. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2016 and the continuation of the Story is already available. The Clash of the Corps 2 Season release date is the 31st of October in the year of 2016.


It is rather hard to name the Actors, who play the most important roles here. So, you must watch the serial to estimate the cast and the play of each new character.

Among the producers of such cinema masterpiece, we must mention Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Rasha Drachkovitch, Brian Gewirtz.


In the center of attention, you will see two marching bands, which were contending for the World Championship title – Pennsylvania’s Cadets and Northern Californian Blue Devils. They are the best competitors in Drums Corps International, and this struggle lasts more than 20 years.

The competitive world of marching bands and the individuals with great talent was involved in the new game and now people, we mean viewers, didn’t know, what to expect to stay in this game and to see them again. But the players continue the extensive training in order to save the insanely competitive spirit and they try to make incredible efforts that are required to stay on top of the game.

So, while watching this serial, you will have an opportunity to see the people, who have brilliant skills in football playing, but their experience is not so big for the world Championship. And people, who do the sports professionally, will understand, that it is rather hard to play when there is one or another problem in the team.


People, who like sport and who want to watch the film with a great plot, can do it if they will use that serial. We propose you to start watching from the first season in order to estimate each character and the Main aim of the serial.

The new episode will bring you only positive thoughts and if you will watch it now, you will realize, that success didn’t come from the first time.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you. So just watch and enjoy it at all. 

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