Citizen Khan Season 5


Citizen Khan is a series of British production. Its target audience is families. The creator of the series is Adil Ray. In 2012, the show has been renewed for the season 2 and the next year, the show was renewed for season 3. Since the success of the previous seasons, the season 4 was also ordered. In 2016, it was officially announced that the season 5 would start being broadcasted in 2016. Currently, twenty-eight episodes of the show are available.

Citizen Khan Season 5 date release


  • Adil Ray, an actor and TV and radio presenter,
  • Sadiq Khan, a politician,
  • Felix Dexter, an actress,
  • Shobu Kapoor, an actress,
  • Bhavna Limbachia, an actress,
  • Maya Sondhi, an actress, and writer,
  • Krupa Pattani, an actress,
  • Abdullah Afzal, an actor and stand-up comedian,
  • Nish Nathwani, an actor,
  • Phil Nice, an actor of films and TV,
  • Adlyn Ross, an actress,
  • Harvey Virdi, an actress,
  • Matthew Cottle, an actor of TV, radio, film, and stage,
  • Kris Marshall, an actor,
  • Harry Enfield, an actor, comedian, writer, and director.

Citizen Khan Season 5


Mr. Khan is a Muslim from Pakistani living with his family in Sparkhill. He has a wife named Razia and two daughters named Alia and Shazia. The first name of the main character has not been mentioned in the show. One of Mr. Khan’s passions is cricket.

Shazia is a bride of a man named Amjad. The mother of the fiancé does not think that Khal family is worth his son. Mr. Khan has to book the mosque so that his daughter and Amjad could get married. Since the father does not do it, the wedding cannot take place. Mr. Khal decides to hide his mistake and tells Amjad that his daughter does not want to get married so far. But since his plan fails, he has to do everything to save the wedding day.

Another time, Mr. Khan has to go to businessmen’s lunch. On the same day, his mother-in-law has a birthday. The wife of Mr. Khan asks him to take her mother so that she could buy a present, while she would be preparing a birthday table. Since the head of the family wants to go to the lunch, he manages to lose his mother-in-law. The series is full of various comedian moments and generally, funny.

Citizen Khan Season 5


Several hundred complaints were received by BBC due to the show. Another 20 complaints were sent to Ofcom. Some of Muslims living in the UK did not like the show and found it insulting to their religious beliefs. Still, since the number of fans and those praising the show was much greater, and the series was continued to shoot.

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