Christina Milian Turned Up Season 3

Christina Milian Turned Up Season 3 Release Date


Christina Milian Turned Up is an American reality TV serial with documental elements. The season premiere of it started in January in the year of 2015. But now we are glad to say, that the 3rd season is already available for everyone. The Christina Milian Turned Up 3 Season release date is the 9th of February this year.


This serial will amaze you with the Interesting stories and by the original cast, which includes the following:

  • Matt Cash.
  • Christina Milian.
  • Matt and Cash.
  • Tosha Lynette.
  • Hayley Gripp.
  • Ocean Marciano.
  • Natalie Mejia.
  • Jazzy Mejia.
  • Supa Nova.
  • Lexy Panterra.
  • Mejia Sisters.
  • Carmen Milian.
  • Daniel Milian.
  • Lizzy Milian.
  • Lauren Rodgers.

The producers are Roy Bank, Dale Pitman, Lamar Damon, Tania Hamidi, Nichole Celistan, Tyler O`Neil, Steve Ezell. The music is made by Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams. The cinematographer is Steve Ezell. Among the editors, we must mention Bruce Westcott, Michael Weinreich, Knox Hughes.


All the serial will present you the unusual life of talented Christina Milian. She works as an actress, but in her life, not so good period appear. After the divorce with a husband, she decided to return and to make people happy. In that season you will have an opportunity to follow the social and professional life of a superstar.

Here she will meet you with her family and also you will see her collaboration with Lil Wayne. After a pause, it is so hard to get the attention again, but she didn’t give up and in future, you will see a lot of stories from her.

Each episode of the new season is new – she wanted to show all the life aspects. Christina believes, that her serial will help young girls to understand, that it is not so easy to be a TV star – you must work a lot to reach the aim.


Girls at a teenage period will be satisfied with this serial. So, if you want, you can relax and watch it from the beginning till the end. Each new episode will satisfy you and you will understand it at all.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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