Childhood’s End 1 Season Release Date

Childhood’s End 1 season release date

Childhood’s End 1 season release date was announced by SyFy. The details are given below.

Childhood’s End is a science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke published in 1953. The first of three parts of the novel reworked from an earlier story author of Guardian Angel (1950). The book is about the last generation of people, and the most recent person. She tells of how powerful and mysterious aliens barred people the way to space, and the subsequent fate of mankind, about its purpose and place in the universe. In 1990, Clark rewrote the first chapter, bringing the action to modern realities.
The book is often considered the best novel Clark by the readers and critics, as well as the "classic literature about the aliens". Along with "The Songs of Distant Earth," Clark called "Childhood’s End" as one of his favorite among his novels.

Childhood’s End 1 season release date was announced by SyFy

The Plot

The series is based on the eponymous novel by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Once on the Earth arrived mysterious and incredibly powerful super-rulers taking patronage of unreasonable earthlings. Their arrival marks the end of all earthly wars and brings to life on the planet utopian ideal. However, not all the "Trust" account for such changes to their liking.

Childhood’s End 1 season release was scheduled for December 14, 2015.
Childhood’s End 1 season release date on DVD and Bluray will happen in January of 2016.
While waiting watch Childhood’s End 1 season trailer 1:

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