Chicago Fire Season 5

Though we enjoy only the start of summer 2016, the Chicago Fire is already defined to premiere for the fifth time on NBC on October 11, 2016. Surely, it is not a near date but the announcement is made and we have nothing to do but to look forward to it.

Brief review

Firefighters’ lives are also full of personal dramas. And this comes to be proved by the storylines in the series “Chicago Fire”.
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Being critically appraised, the project has been a settler on NBC since October 2012. The creative team leaders thanks to whom the series is gladdening us with new episodes are named Michael Brandt and Derek Haas.
Now the series includes four full-fledged seasons with the latest one premiering in the previous October. One circle includes traditionally 23 episodes.
The acting cast of the series includes such performers: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Eamonn Walker, and some others.
As for the fabrication studios, the teams are presented by Wolf Films and Universal Television with such executives as Brandt, Haas, Danielle Gelber, Dick Wolf, Peter Jankowski, and including also some others.

Plot summary

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The main heroes in this story are firefighters and paramedics as they are serving as the employees of Chicago Firehouse 51. Surely, though completing a very useful task in the society, these people have their own life difficulties which they face every day. So personal troubles and working issues are the main aspects that are unfolded in this series.

As for the latest season and ratings

On following the rating figures of this drama, we can’t but note that they are imposing indeed. The latest season garnered about 8 million people in front of their TV sets.  And this is considered to be a small growth. So who would cancel the show that is only gaining traction from season to season?
In addition to this impressive ranking, we are dealing with the variety of awards (including ASCAP Film and Television Music Award, Prism Award, and a lot of others) as well as critical acclaim together with favorable reviews from the ordinary audience. All these lead only to one conclusion – we can’t even think about the cancellation of the drama story. The creators understand this as no one else resuming the series at regular intervals.
Chicago Fire Season 5 Cast

Catching up with the news

The developers of this serial seem to be intended to speed things up as they have already announced the Chicago Fire season 5 release date after confirming the resumption of the serial back to November 2015. So the launch date is October 11, 2016. Isn’t it great to get to know this though it is only the start of summer? We think it is as we can mark this date on our calendars in order not to miss it. But we recommend maintaining awareness as some plot details are possible to be exposed in the near future. So be in the swim together with our service and you will be notified about any changes and news timely.


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