Chesapeake Shores Season 2

About two months ago, the audience of the Hallmark Channel faced the new project, the drama in the core. It was received favorably, in general, though critics found some drawbacks there. The second chapter is yet to be confirmed and herewith, we should follow the changes in the situation much closely.

Brief Review

Chesapeake Shores is a new cinematography product by Canadian and American production having premiered on Hallmark Channel in this August 2016 with two episodes shown at once.
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The story in the series is predicated on the novel penned Sherryl Woods under the same title. The adaptation of it to the serial is a feather in the cap of Dan Paulson who serves also as an executive alongside with John Tinker, Martin Woods, Nancey Silvers, and, surely, Sherryl Woods. Chesapeake Shores 51 Productions Inc. is behind the fabrication of the story. The lead roles are performed by Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalf.

Plot Summary

Abby O’Brien is an independent divorced woman with a brilliant career and two daughters. After being away from her family while living in New York City, Abby comes back to her homeland entitled as Chesapeake Shores in order to assist her sister in running her inn. Surely, she comes across various people from her past including Trace Riley her first love, now a successful musician who still cannot forgive her for breaking up with him and leaving him.
Trace is not an inhabitant of this small town anymore. He visits it right at the same moment when Abby comes back here. Is it a certain sign? Much probably, it is. Meeting again, the flame of love appears between them. How the things are running further, you will get to know following the freshman installment.

Excellent Results

The target audience of the network seems to be enthusiastic over the premiere of this new portion of drama. During the premiere, about 1.9 million people have been following the start of the story. The following episodes have been also peculiar for decent ratings. On IMDb, the series has a score of 8.1 points. The reviews are positive in the majority of cases.
Surely, there are some bad sides in the series found by critics. As for instance, the show’s predictability and the excessively romanticized world. Among the priorities of the story, the performance and the chemistry between the leads are marked out.

Strong Renewal Potential

Chesapeake Shores has improved the network’s ratings greatly though the debut has been held quite recently. We may sum up that the chances of the second chapter release are high. As the freshman installment appeared only two months ago, it could seem now that it would be a mistake to think of such things as the announcement of the resumption and the exposal of the Chesapeake Shores season 2 release date. Just stay tuned for updates following our service and you will get to know everything at first hand!


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