“Chesapeake shores” Season 1

"Chesapeake shores" Season 1


"Chesapeake shores" (Season 1, release date – August 14, 2016) is a fascinating show, which is a screen adaptation of the novel written by the American writer Cheryl Woods, that tells the dramatic Story of the O`Brien family, living in a spacious house on the picturesque shore of the Chesapeake Bay. One of the Main characters is the architect and town planner Mick O’Brien.


  • Jesse Metcalfe,
  • Meghan Ory,
  • Diane Ladd,
  • Barbara Niven,
  • Emily Ullerap,
  • Treat Williams,
  • Lacy J. Meili,
  • Courtney Richter
  • Kayden Magnuson,
  • Serge Houde,
  • Ian Hawkins,
  • Lisa McFadden,
  • John Specon.


Introduced series is filmed on the basis of a series of well-known novels, the author of which was the writer Sherry Woods. The focus of the Story is O’Brien family. The plot of the series revolves around a young architect named Mick.

The Main character loves his job. For whatever project he did not take, he must bring it to the end. Very often, Mick did not even notice how quickly time flies. As a result, he spends very little time with his wife and children, whom he had five!

One day Mick decided to build a special memorial in honor of their ancestors. This product will be on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Mick’s wife could not stand the loneliness anymore. She did not want to live with her husband, whom she hardly saw. Therefore, the woman decided to pack up and leave. However, she did not bring children. She left them for Mick.

The man was not frightened, and took over all the obligations. But to be a teacher and a father it is obviously none of his business. Years went by. Children grew up and became adults. They are leaving for different cities and lose contact with their father. It takes many years to the moment when Mick left his wife. Now his children are adults. They decided to return to his native town of Chesapeake. Here, the family must be restored. The protagonist is willing to do everything in order to find a common language with his relatives and ask them for forgiveness. Family still hold a grudge against the father and do not want to associate with him.


The series has been on everyone’s lips still long before its release on the TV. This was Mainly due to the participation in the project of known actress Meghan Ory.

Martin Wood, director of the series, was formerly known athlete, but decided to change the type of activity and went to the cinema, where he showed his best side, proving that talented person is talented in everything.

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