Celebrity Storage Hunters UK Season 2

Celebrity Storage Hunters UK Season 2 Release Date


Celebrity Storage Hunters UK is a reality TV serial, which was created by Sean Kelly. The season premiere was this year and now you can watch the continuation of the Story. The Celebrity Storage Hunters UK 2 Season release date is the 13th of November in the year of 2016.


Among the Actors in the cast it is important to mention the following people:

  • Sean Kelly.
  • Simon Greenall.
  • Linda Lambert.
  • John Maddox.
  • Natalie Maddox.
  • Daniel Hill.
  • Colin Newell.

The directors of the serial are Sean Doherty, Matt Tolfree, Mike Gallaspy, David Richardson. The producers are Rob Lobl, Jenny Daly, Sean Doherty, Sean Kelly, Rebecca McLaughlin, John Quinn, Catherine Catton, Helen Nightingale, Gillian Hourihan, Rachel Hobday, Jordan Livermore, Katja Bojic-macintosh.


This serial will be really unusual because it is presented in a show format. Here, while watching the serial, you will see the people, who want to win the Main price and those, who wanted to become well-known all over the world. In the new season, they must introduce themselves in an extraordinary manner and they believe, that it wouldn’t be a great problem.

This competition will face the people with each other, so they try to show all their professionalism in order to win the Main price – good cash. A lot of people, who like to present comedians, are shown here, so while watching each person will be satisfied with this.


People, who want to get fun and to spend their free time in a good team, must watch this serial in order to understand, that it is rather Interesting and charming. Each time here the new people appear, so nobody knows, what will be the scene in the next minute. Do you like surprises? If your answer is yes, you must see that serial from the beginning until the end.

Each new episode lasts not so long, so event the people, who have a lot of deals and not so many free time, will appreciate this serial and all the people, who will appear here. We hope, that the continuation will appear next year.

The season air date is an important thing because it will help to understand, when the serial was launched.

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Storage Hunters UK S02E08 Leeds

Jimmy Bullard And Carl Froch Rummage In Their Bin | Storage Hunters Celebrity Special | Dave

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