Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Season 7


Celebrity Antiques Road Trip is an exciting TV series, the premiere of which was really unforgettable. The season premiere was on November in the year of 2012. But now we want to present the 7th season of outstanding cinema masterpiece. The Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 7 Season release date is 17th of December in the year of 2016.


You must be ready to see a huge amount of talented actors here. But we will present only the main people, such as:

  • Tim Wonnacott.
  • David Harper.
  • Honor Blackman.
  • Britt Ekland.
  • Tony Blackburn.
  • Brian Blessed.
  • Tom Conti.

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Season 7 date release

The director of the serial is Craig Duncan. The producers are Craig Duncan, Wendy Rattray, Susie Staples, Kirsten High, Andrew Robertson.


In the new season of this TV show, you will be faced up with antique experts, who have a small budget to but different collective things. But with the set amount of money each time you will be surprised – a lot of valuable things will be presented here, so you will get the whole information about them – what can be better, than this?

The format of the show is rather unusual because here in the main roles different celebrities appear. The cast of antique experts rotates each time, so we can say, that it is some kind of competition.
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Season 7

So, here in each new episode, you will see the new person – celebrity. And they are ready to amaze people because in some of the episodes the budget is so huge. All the money, which they collect from the sale comes to the Children Charity needs. Even the initial budget will be a great help for children, which have no parents and no place to come.


It is so exciting to see, how people with big money try to help children. They do their bests and everything comes right because lots of people know them. Besides, children are also happy to meet their idols and to understand, who they are.
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Season 7

Each new episode is so alluring, so you can see it in a big company of friends or relatives. Each time only the best thought will appear in your mind and what can be better, than this?

The season air date can be shown, when there is a necessity to underline the peculiarities of one or another serial.

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