Catching Kelce Season 2

Catching Kelce Season 2 Release Date


Catching Kelce is a reality TV show, which was produced by Current Entertainment. The season premiere as on October this year and now you will have a great opportunity to enjoy the second season of this cinema masterpiece. The Catching Kelce 2 Season release date is the 1st of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast to that serial, we must name the people, who will appear here all the time. You will like them from the first episode. So, here you will meet such talented Actors:

  • Travis Kelce.
  • Lexi Noel.

It is important to name the producers in this serial. Here a great amount of work is made by Adam Bold, Michael Lopez, Ben Newmark, Dan Newmark, Lauren A. Stevens, Mario Panagiotopoulos. The editor is Todd Batstone.


Here you will see the serial, in which in the center of attention you will see Trevor Kelce, who is an NFL star and who is known for everyone after the show the Bachelor. 50 women wanted his attention, but now his heart is owned by Lexi, his beautiful wife.

That serial, especially the new season of it, will introduce you the life of this person, all the advantages, and disadvantages which they have. Also here you will see a contest of pair, where people must prove their feelings by making different things together. Sometimes it is rather hard for them, but each contestant here didn’t give up because he or she believe, that everything is based on self-understanding.

In the end of the Story, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the VIP date, which will amaze you at all. So, if you want to relax and to watch the people in love, just do it – watch the new season of the serial.


To be honest, adult people, who want to know everything about their second halves, will be very interested in this serial. Here a lot of outstanding events took place and it will be great if you will have enough time to watch each new episode. We are sure, that you will love it, so we propose you to watch the TV show from the first season and from the first episode.

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