Catastrophe Release Date

Catastrophe Release Date


Catastrophe is a TV series of a British production. It was premiere on 19 of Jan. 2015. The show is about a woman who finds out that she will become a mother after a little affair that she had with a man who arrived in the United Kingdom on business. The second season of the show was started to be broadcasted in 2016. The seasons 3 and 4 have also been ordered. The third season is going to have six episodes. It is expected to be shown in 2017.


The main characters of the show are played by Rob Delaney, an American actor, comedian, and writer as well as Sharon Horgan, an Irish actress, director, writer, and producer.

The guest characters of the show include the following actors and actresses:

  • Ashley Jensen,
  • Daniel Lapaine,
  • Gary Lilburn,
  • Amanda Hale,
  • Emmanuelle Bouaziz,
  • Seeta Indrani,
  • Carrie Fisher,
  • Marta Barrio,
  • Jonathan Forbes,
  • Mark Bonnar,
  • Sarah Niles,
  • Tobias Menzies.


Sharon works in a school as a teacher. One day she meets Rob who arrives from the USA to the UK on business. The woman decides to spend a weekend with him to have a great time. After spending the sweet weekend together, Rob returns to the USA and continues living as he lived. One day, Sharon calls and tells him shocking news. She appears to be pregnant. Rob decides to go to the UK. He thinks that they with Sharon should raise their child together. It also appears that Sharon’s pregnancy has certain problems and the process should be closely monitored. They decide to join the friends of Sharon named Chris and Fran at the dinner.  During their meeting, the couple does not show the best example of relationships and the evening ends with arguing between Fran and Rob. Despite all of that on the way back home, Rob proposes to the pregnant woman. Will the American man and the Irish woman able to create strong relationships and raise their child in love? Lots of interesting and funny situations will surely happen to them.


The show was officially announced to be produced by Channel in the spring of 2014 because the success of the pilot episode had been obvious. The script of the show had been shown to the BBC, but it refuses to create this series.

The name of the movie was chosen from the film Zorba the Greek, where the main character tells that being a married man a wife, children, and other related things is a real catastrophe.

The theme for the show has been created by O. Julian.

The series has received a range of great reviews. It has been praised for being a great comedy. As for the main actors, they have been praised for awesome acting.

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