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There are not a lot of TV series about the medicine that would have such popularity as a famous British project Casualty. Its creators have achieved such popularity due to the gripping story, as well as a successful cast with their brilliant acting. Each season premiere is expected with great impatience and with the end of latest season 31 the majority of the fans are puzzled with the question, which is quite understandable: when will Casualty Series 32 premiere? Release Date of season thirty-two will ne known as soon as the creators and producers decide whether it will be necessary and profitably to renew the series. But all the fans hope for soon return of the renewed show on their screens.

Authors and Production Company

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The first episode of Casualty was aired in the distant 1986 on BBC one channel. The creators of the series are Jeremy Brook, an English scriptwriter and director, and Paul Unwin, a film and theatre writer. Bu today they have released an incredible number of episodes – 1015, and this is not the limit.
The crew of the latest executive producers for the last 10 years of broadcasting includes:

  • Oliver Kent, who has worked in Casualty since 2013;
  • Johnathan Young taking part in the series from 2011 to 2013;
  • Belinda Campbell with the same terms (2011 – 2013);
  • Mervyn Watson took part in the series making from 2002 to 2007.

The company producing the program since 2012 is BBC Cymru Wales. The channel responsible for the show broadcasting and each season air date is a world famous BBC One. The latest season 31 took place on August 27, 2016.

Cast and Brief Review

Casualty Season 32 Cast
This British series tells about the work of an emergency medical aid station. Each episode reveals unusual cases, displays the behavior of patients and hospital workers, affecting their professional activities and personal life. All this interweaving makes the show very interesting for the viewer.
Some characters of the project are involved in shootings since the onset of Casualty on the screens. Among these “long-livers” of the series may be distinguished the following two most vivid actors:

  • Charlie Fairhead (an actor from Northern Ireland);
  • Lisa "Duffy" Duffin played by an English actress Cathy Shipton.

Both of them have taken part in the series since 1986 which is rather a remarkable achievement.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Prospects for Continuation

A lot of awards gained by Casualty are an indicator of viewers’ love and support. The latest season release date was being awaited with great tension and was watched by 6.53 million fans. Despite not the highest rating on IMDB (6/10) the series is still one of the leaders in its genre. The public is looking forward to the coming of the next new episode and hope for the continuation to be not less interesting than the previous series.


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