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One of the most popular series ever created in the United Kingdom. This show is one of the longest serious projects on British TV and still running. It’s about people working in emergency department of Holby City Hospital. The place is fictional. Casualty focuses attention both on lives of the staff and of their patients. Looks like Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin didn’t know that their project would last for 30 years and even more. The first episode of the show was released by BBC One on the 6th of September 1986. The project was originally produced by Geraint Morris. There are 30 seasons in Casualty with 1004 episodes in total. The episodes usually lasted for 50 or 60 minutes except for the special one devoted to the 30 year anniversary of the series. The special episode lasted for an hour and a half. All of this, combined with a mass of positive reviews both from the critics and from the viewers makes Casualty one of the coolest and most anticipated series of all times!
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The Plot

The action mainly takes place in Holby City Hospital. Casualty shows us the way the professional and personal lifes of medical staff are developed. Almost regular cast makes the series peculiar. They are:

  • Bernard Gallagher. The one who portrays Ewart Plimmer, the consultant.
  • Julia Watson. She portrays the character of Baz Samuels – an officer from senior house.
  • Derek Thompson. He acts as Charlie Fairhead – a nurse in charge. Responsible for immediate work and functionality of the staff.
  • George Harris portrays the character of Clive King – one of the nurses from the medical staff.
  • Brenda Fricker. She acts as Megan Roach – one of the state enrolled nurses.

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  • Cathy Shipton plays the role of Lisa Duffin (Though akmost everyone calls her “Duffy”). She is a practicing student nurse.
  • Lisa Bowerman acts as Sandra Mute – the first paramedic.
  • Robert Pugh acts as Andrew Ponting – the second paramedic.
  • Debbie Roza portrays the character of Susie Mercier. She works at the reception.
  • Christopher Rozycki portrays the tenth main character named Kuba Trzcinski. He’s the porter.

This cast of ten characters has been regular throughout the series. After ten successful seasons with the stable cast, the characters started to change giving way for the new actors to join the show. Casualty cast is quite large, check the full list of characters on IMDb to know the name of your favorite character.

Holby City and Holby South

That’s a Casualty spin-off that also takes place in the same hospital. Holby City follows the lives of people working and passing through medical treatment in a surgical department. It’s about people’s careers, hardships, ethical issues, etc. It’s very similar to the original project. There’s another spin-off project in the franchise released under the title Casualty@Holby City. It revolves personal life details of some of the characters from the two casts of Casualty and Holby City. One more spin-off was released on 2006 and entitled HolbyBlue. It’s about the work of police departments of Holby South.
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Release Date of the 31st season

The 1000th episode of the series was broadcast on the 25th of June 2016. The 31st season is planned for the 27th of August.


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