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The already legendary serial named shortly “Castle” is now waiting when the developers decide the fate of the project. There is no doubting the renewal is worth it in any case taking into account only that fact that the fans are looking forward to the new chapter. What else can influence their decision?

Production information

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Castle is basically a dramedy that has stuck around on its home channel called ABC.  The serial is currently composed of the entire 8 chapters. It implies, in fact, the project is gaining traction with the launch of each chapter.
The story itself presents a procedural narrative with the main character named Richard Castle (here is the explanation of the title) who serves a writer and assists the local police department in investigating cold cases.
The series is considered to be a feather in the cap of Andrew Marlowe. The debut of the pioneer episodes was held as far back as in the beginning of spring 2009. The latest chapter was launched in the preceding year if to be more exact at the end of September.
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Some plot details

With the launch of the pioneer episodes, the central hero of the story named Richard Castle was at his wits’ end having no more resources which can inspire him for the regular writing in his block.
Once he began to observe that a range of murders which remind fully those depicted in his stories started to happen. He became eventually involved in the procedurals of investigating the cases. He came out of his writing activity and began to build up relationships with the most charming detective in the police department named specifically Kate Beckett.
In the most recent season, being already a married couple Castle and Kate face challenges concerning their relationship. The question that presents a great interest to the fans of the show is whether their love is strong enough in order to save their relationships.

Can we wait for the appearance of another regular season?

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The second part of the eighth season was brought to airing only in February 2016 after a long break for Christmas.  The first part consisting of only 8 episodes was put to an end yet in November of the preceding year. As far as the following ninth season is concerned, it stands unknown so far whether the project is to be developed further.
So the developers are still to shape the future of Castle. As the matter stands, with such a large number of the serial fans, a positive decision in favor of the continuation of the series seems to be inevitable. The admirers of the projects should be left without new episodes. The other thing is whether the creators have enough ideas in store for presenting them in new episodes.
No matter which direction the future events are going to take, it is necessary to keep abreast of the situation for the purpose of becoming aware of the official announcement of the renewal as well as of the Castle season 9 release date.


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