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Captive Season 2 Release Date


Captive is a crime documental serial, which will bring you a lot of emotions and feelings. The season premiere of it attract a lot of people, so now you can see the second one. The Captive 2 Season release date was on the 9th of December in the year of 2016. The same we can say about the season air date.


That serial will amaze you not only by the great plot but also for the people in the cast. Here in the center of attention, you will meet:

  • Marwan Abbas.
  • Jamie Burke.
  • Rob James Capel.
  • Ian Casey.
  • Bernie Coen.
  • Niall Comer.
  • Laura Diane.

The director of the film is Stephen Patrick Kenny. The scriptwriter is Stephen Patrick Kenny. The producers are Bernie Coen, Bernie Kavanagh, Stephen Patrick Kenny, Mark Myers.


Life is difficult and complicated. But sometimes people have a lot of bad habits and it doesn`t help them in this difficult struggle for justice. Ashley Smith is the main hero here. She is a single lady and she has an aim to raise a son. It’s quite simple and very exhausting. But not only these difficulties appear in the life of the woman.

Very often young Ashley is struggling with herself and her own addiction. A woman wants to get rid of her addiction and she attends group, which helps her to become better. Here they share their experiences and help each other not to break again. At one such meeting, she met a handsome Brian.

He is a black criminal who can live by the rules of normal people. In the past, he commits the crime and goes to prison, where he will be punished for misdeeds. Now he didn’t want to be a prisoner and he escapes from prison and kills a judge.

These characters are so different, but at the same time, their faces are very similar. Perhaps this situation will help them to turn their lives to the right direction.


That is the story of real love. Sometimes people can meet each other on the situation when nobody expected it. These two people are different, but they make a lot of efforts to be happy together. Despite the main heroine has the son, the main didn’t worry about it.

Each new episode of the new season will help you to relax and to see, that there are a lot of people, who have the problems of such character. These people are risky – they decided to start the relationship and the continuation of it will be really amazing.

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