Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4

Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4 Release Date


Canada`s Smartest Person is a reality competition on TV, which gives a great opportunity for everybody to become outstanding. It was created in Canada. The season premiere was on the year of 2012. But in this year we are ready to introduce the 4th season. The Canada`s Smartest Person 4 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


In this serial, you will see really charming Actors in the cast. They make this show really fantastic, so everybody, who started to watch it, is satisfied. Here they are:

  • Katy Warren.
  • Alex Manea.
  • Mith Das.
  • Johnny MacRae.
  • Jason Vander-Hoek.
  • Marco Iannuzzi.
  • Dan Twyman.

The director is Dave Russell. Among the producers, we must underline Melanie Brobyn, Barry Davis, Robert Cohen, Shellie Rubin, Karel Noordover, Jeff Thrasher, Nikki Chow, Andreea Denes, Catherine Stockhausen.


That TV show will present the audience the smartest people of our planet. The theory of multiple intelligence will be used here and you will be satisfied with this. In the center 6, different people will appear and their Main aim is to overcome all the challenges, which are presented in different categories.

The Main requirement for all the contestants of this show is to have good physical, social, musical, visual, logical, linguistic skills. In every new season here appear the new winner, who will become the smartest person in Canada. Each contestant believes, that this information will be necessary for every person to become happy and confident.

In order to have the best chances of winning, the contestants must have a lot of unusual skills. And they must do different unexpected things to amaze the judges and the viewers of this show.


The new episode of the competition will present the best contestants ever. They are of different ages and the education is always at different levels. But they don’t want to give up, they want to prove, that each of them is really special. A lot of Interesting and unexpected questions will appear here, so the contestants must be ready for everything.

The running time of one episode is small, so you will be charmed with this TV show.

The season air date is an important data when we talk about this serial and its peculiarities.

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