When Calls the Heart Season 4 Release date

When Calls the Heart Season 4 Release Date


When Calls the Heart (season 4, release date— pending) is a TV series of an American and Canadian production. The main genre of the show is drama. The series is based on the book of J. Oke. The premiere of the show took place on 11 of Jan. 2014 in the US and on April of the same year in Canada.

The pilot of the series is 120 minutes long. It was premiere in the autumn of 2013.  Season 2 of the how debuted in the spring of 2015 and season 3 was premiered in the spring of 2016. The intention to film season 4 has been officially confirmed and its premiere is expected to take place in 2017.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Erin Krakow plays the character of Elizabeth Thatcher,
  • Mitchell Kummen plays the character of Gabe Montgomery,
  • Lori Loughlin plays the character of Abigail Stanton,
  • Johannah Newmarch plays the character of Molly Sullivan,
  • Marcus Rosner plays the character of Charles Kensington III,
  • Gracyn Shinyei plays the character of Emily Montgomery,
  • Pascale Hutton plays the character of Rosemary "Rosie" LeVeaux,
  • Loretta Walsh plays the character of Florence Blakely,
  • Jack Wagner plays the character of Bill Avery,
  • Charlotte Hegele plays the character of Julie Thatcher,
  • Daniel Lissing plays the character of Jack Thornton,
  • Chelah Horsdal plays the character of Cat Montgomery,
  • Martin Cummins plays the character of Henry Gowen,
  • Logan Williams plays the character of Miles Montgomery,
  • Kavan Smith plays the character of Leland "Lee" Coulter,
  • Eva Bourne plays the character of Clara Stanton,
  • Melissa Bolona plays the character of Sarah.


The show follows the life of Elizabeth Thatcher. She works as a teacher and has an active social life. To complete her first assignment, she has to move to a small town called Coal Valley located in Canada. Although the life in the town is pretty simple, Elizabeth encounters a range of challenges. Everybody likes her, except for Jack Thornton, a constable who has a certain reason for that. Because of the closure of the coal mine, the name of the town has been changed to Hope Valley in the second season.


The show has received high ratings. It has attracted about 1,500,000 viewers. Its rating on IMDb has been 8.6 out of 10. It is a great family show. The series has been praised for a good script, great performance, interesting plot and other aspects.

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