Call the Midwife Season 6

Historical drama in the core, Call the Midwife has been running for five successful seasons and now the sixth one is expected to appear on screens for viewers of PBS in the USA and BBC One in the UK next year. What is the historical period that comes to be depicted there? Let’s turn to the serial in general and to the story in particular.

Series info and storyline

Call the Midwife is a historical British drama related to the times amidst the previous century. The release of the series was scheduled for 2012 for the first time. The latest fifth premiere was held in January 2016. The release is arranged on BB One in the UK, as well as on PBS in the USA.
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Neal Street Productions and its team of executives including Pippa Harris and Heidi Thomas are behind the fabrication of the TV adaptation of the memoirs of Jennifer Worth. The acting crew comes to be led by Jessica Raine.

Following Storylines

Jennifer “Jenny” Lee is the main heroine of the story. During the course of the series, other midwives and Anglican nuns join her. All of them are dealing with medical issues in the miserable Poplar district of London’s East End.

Ratings and Renewal Potentials

The series has its obvious advantages in the form of the well-developed characters and strong storylines that deliver important social issues to the audience. This has led to the overwhelming popularity throughout these two countries.
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Sticking to the point, we cannot but define the concrete rating figures. So here, we are dealing with perfect scores. On IMDb, it constitutes, for instance,  8.4 points out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes, it is even higher – 96%. This leads us to the conclusion that the story should be developed further.

Latest Events of the Story

The release of the fifth season has ended in May 2016. The final episode offered tragic unfolding of events to the viewers.
In this season, Sister Evangeline passes away after a second stroke. Her death seems to leave nobody unfazed. With tears in eyes, we were following Sister Evangeline’s coffin down the street. She has devoted her life to working and we cannot but respect her for her deeds.
It turns out also that thalidomide affects the unborn children and thus it comes to be withdrawn from medical practice. At this time, a baby is born right at the wedding of its parents.
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Regarding the Series Future

Even before the fifth installment came our way, the series has been revived for the sixth cycle of episodes, in December 2015 specifically. The special is also commissioned to appear at 2016 Christmas in order to keep the audience tension about the story.
Surely, the next installment emergence cannot take place in the near future. Nevertheless, we have already something to wait for, for instance, the announcement of the Call the Midwife season 6 release date. If everything is all right, we will enjoy new episodes already at the start of the next year.


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