K. C. Undercover Season 3

K. C. Undercover Season 3 Release Date


  1. C. Undercover is a situation comedy, which was created in America. In previous years you have seen the first and the second season premiere. But now it is the time for presenting the 3rd season. The K. C. Undercover 3 Season release date is the 11th of August this year.


If we want to talk about the cast, here we must say, that lots of people will appear. So, we want to present you all of them. Here you will meet:

  • Zendaya and Veronica Dunne.
  • Kamil McFadden and Trinity Stokes.
  • Tammy Townsend and Kadeem Hardison.
  • James DiGiacomo and Rick Hall.
  • Ross Butler and Jaime Moyer.
  • Kara Royster and Chris Tavarez.
  • Sherri Shepherd and Jasmine Guy.
  • Roz Ryan and Alice Lee.
  • Lee Reherman and Rick Fox.
  • Tony Cavalero and Leslie Jordan.
  • Chris Ellis and Jason Karasev.
  • Cait Fairbanks and Jeremy Howard.
  • Tati Gabrielle and Daniel Browning Smith.
  • Ursula Burton and Aixa Clemente.
  • Hollis Jane Andrews and Darnell Appling.
  • Mays-Jackson and Dat Pham.
  • Nikki Castillo and Robert Gant.
  • Myko Olivier and Victoria Scott.
  • Ethan Wacker and Shaun Bala.
  • Telma Hopkins and Paras Patel.
  • Daniel David Stewart and Dante Swain.
  • Erron Jay and Arden Myrin.

Pay attention, that it is not the whole cast.

Among the producers, it is important to mention Jesse Schiller, Darin Henry, Zendaya, Vincent Brown, Eileen Conn, Vic Kaplan.


All the serial is created in Washington, D.C. Here in the center, you will see K.C. Cooper, who is a genius from the time of high school. She got recruited by Kira and Craig Cooper, her parents. After the time gone, she discovers the secret undercover organization.

When the time had gone, her brother by the name of Ernie try to help her and he proposed to create a special team which will make all the similar work. So, in a few months, Kira and Craig get a robot child by the name of Judy.

Each new episode their family work on the country saving, so they try to involve all the plans into reality. And one day they struggle with criminal organization, which is called Other Side.


This serial will be Interesting for people of all the ages because everybody will estimate it at all. If you have a free time, watch this serial from the first season and you will be satisfied with the result, which you get.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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