Bunk`d Season 2

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General Overview

Bunk’d is a Disney series for kids. The series is a spin-off part of Jessie TV project by Disney. The premiere episode was aired on the 31st of July 2015. The creator and the producer of this comedy project is Pamela Eells O’Connell. There are 21 episodes 22-25 minutes long in the first season. The show is released by Disney Channel.
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The Plot and the Cast Details

The action takes place in Camp Kikiwaka where Emma, Ravi, and Zuri get from New York City. The founder of the camp was Jedediah Swearengen. He decided to name the camp in honor of a legendary mysterious forest creature. Emma, Ravi, and Zuri find new friends trying to get used to the new way of living.
The characters and the cast:

  • Emma Ross (portrayed by Peyton List) – elder Ross girl with perfect sense of fashion. She’s from Cabin Woodchuck in the camp.
  • Ravi Ross (portrayed by Karan Brar) – physically weak, but with a keen mind. He’s from Cabin Grizzly. Secretly gets his pet to the camp.
  • Zuri Ross (portrayed by Skai Jackson) – She’s gentle and sweet, but sometimes quite harsh and sharp. She’s extremely smart though, and very talkative and sometimes sarcastic. She’s from Cabin Woodchuck in the camp.

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  • Lou (portrayed by Miranda May) – Emma’s best friend that used to living on a farm. Hyperactive. She’s from Cabin Woodchuck.
  • Xander (portrayed by Kevin Quinn) – Emma’s love interest and good Lou’s friend. He’s from Cabin Grizzly.
  • Jorge (portrayed by Nathan Arenas) – shabby Hispanic boy. Always messy and considered to be weird. He’s sure he survived aliens’ abduction.
  • Tiffany (portrayed by Nina Lu) – clever Chinese girl and Zuri’s good friend.

Release Date Info

On the 29th of February 2016 Bunk’d was officially renewed for season 2. The second season is planned to be aired from the 23rd of August this year.


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